Implant (implantable) Devices

These devices should be classified according to the contact with the application places listed below.

a) Tissue / bone - Devices that come into contact with bone, especially.

EXAMPLES: Orthopedic nails, plates, replaceable joints, bone prostheses, bone plaster and intraosseous devices.

Especially devices that come into contact with tissue and tissue fluid.

EXAMPLES: Pacemakers, drug delivery devices, neuromuscular sensors and simulators, replaceable ligaments, breast implants, artificial pharynx (larynx), subperiosteal implants, vascular clamps and intrauterine devices.

b) Blood - Devices that come into contact with blood especially.

EXAMPLES: Pacemaker electrodes, artificial arterovenous fistulas, heart valves, transplant vascular tissues (grafts), internal drug delivery catheters, and ventricular assist devices.